Creators of Disneyland Paris to Build Amusement Park at Moscow VDNKh

PHOTO by scaliger / Depositphotos

The Russian branch of the Italian company Pizzarotti won a competition for the construction of the “Park of the Future” amusement park on the territory of Moscow VDNKh, the Interfax news agency reported.

The park with a cableway will operate year-round and will be located in the southern part of VDNKh. The historical pavilions “Circular film panorama”, “Young technicians”, “Seeds” and “Bread” will be restored to accommodate a puppet theatre, a virtual museum and other entertainment facilities.

Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy Natalia Sergunina said that the annual revenue of the amusement park is expected to reach 2.3 billion roubles ($40.8 million), which will allow for the project to fully pay off within ten years of operation.

The first stage of the construction of the park should be completed by September next year, and the price of the entrance ticket will begin at 300 roubles ($5.3).

The tender competition for the construction of the park was announced by Moscow City Hall on March 6.

The Pizzarotti Company in 1992 built all the main facilities in Parisian Disneyland, including the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. A tunnel in the Paris airport, several buildings in New York and a high-speed railway in Israel are also the brainchildren of Pizzarotti’s architects.