Perm Inventor 3D-Prints Terminator Robot

PHOTO by Alexander Osipovich / Vkontakte

Engineer Alexander Osipovich from the town of Kungur in the Perm region used a 3D printer to create parts of the T-800 unit from James Cameron’s classic film “The Terminator,” TJ reported.

“I received the blueprints from Google in 2013,” Osipovich told journalists. “I wrote them to say that I was hoping to build a robot out of a human skeleton. In turn, the company suggested that I buy a 3D printer and print out a robot. The email had an attachment with the T-800 blueprints and instructions on its assembly.”

VIDEO by Alexander Osipovich / YouTube

The engineer also installed simple AI software on the robot, which can now answer basic questions such as “What is your name?” and “Who created you?” It can also move its head and blink.

The inventor next plans to install arms on his T-800 unit and write software that would allow it to move its arms and recognise objects. Alexander hopes to eventually make the robot walk.

Osipovich estimated that the total cost of the T-800 project has been around 200,000 roubles ($3,500). He did not specify whether he was planning on connecting the robot to a global network and bringing doom to mankind.