Keanu Reeves’s St. Petersburg Promenade Goes Viral on Russian Internet

PHOTO by flashnord / Twitter

On Monday, the attention of Russian social network users focused on Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves who was caught on camera strolling around St. Petersburg. In less than a day, pictures have turned into a new meme as Russian Twitter audience began to repost them by adding thematic inscriptions.

“Meanwhile in St. Petersburg one can meet a man with bad Russian accent”

R 1

Social network users liked a picture of Reeves standing with his eyes closed on one of the city bridges. “Keanu Reeves has found himself in St. Pete,” one of them wrote.

“Your face when you have arrived in St. Petersburg”

R 2

“Keanu Reeves looks like a protagonist from the ‘Bandit Petersburg’ (a Russian detective TV series – Ed.)”

R 3

“What is Keanu Reeves doing here? Oh God, they come in large numbers”

R 4

Some users were disappointed that the actor ignored other Russian cities and visited St. Petersburg only. “I wish I could go to St. Petersburg to take a picture with sad Keanu,” one of them wrote.

According to rumors, Reeves came to Russia to shoot a romantic thriller “Siberia”. Earlier in May, Reeves announced that a movie will be filmed in Canada and not in Russia, but only because it is “technically convenient and cheaper.”

"Siberia", a romantic thriller directed by Matthew Ross, tells a story of an American diamond dealer (Reeves) who came to Russia to sell blue diamonds of questionable quality and origin.