Poll: Over 60% of Russians Engaged in Charity in 2016

PHOTO by photographee.eu / Depositphotos

Since 2008, the share of Russians involved in charity has increased by one-third, according to the results of a nationwide survey by analysts at the NACFIN analytical centre.

In 2008, 48% of Russians were charitable, a number that grew to 65% in 2016. At the same time, the role of remote charity channels continues to grow.

“Two-thirds of Russians (65%) helped strangers in need at least once over the past two years, with 13% doing so on a regular basis, 42% occasionally, and 10% only once,” the analysts reported. “For comparison, in 2008, 48% participated in charity and in 2014, only 43% did. Only a third of Russians (33%) do not provide assistance to people in need.”

At the same time, Russians with higher education are significantly more inclined to participate in charity (72%), as are residents of big cities with a population between 500,000 and one million people (77%).

However, the most common way to help those in need is still giving change to the poor on the street, a practice that 70% of respondents said they did. “Over a third of respondents, who had at least once donated money chose a special box set for this purpose (36%), and almost the same number of survey participants transferred money using an SMS (35%).

One in ten respondents used a bankcard to send donations and 7% did so with the help of electronic money; such remote charity channels are being used more often than in 2014,” according to NACFIN.