Putin Aims to Attract Best Scientists to Russia

PHOTO by alexraths / Depositphotos

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the country needs to attract the best scientific minds from around the globe.

“We are mainly talking about large-scale, interesting scientific undertakings and the launch of research projects with long-term objectives,” Putin said. “In short, we need to create an environment that makes the country a magnet for the best researchers from around the world.”

The president emphasised “the need to develop effective mechanisms that have already attracted many renowned scientists, including fellow citizens who had worked abroad for many years.”

“You are aware about the so-called mega grants programme,” Putin continued. “I will repeat again that this programme gave rise to 200 laboratories. It is not an exaggeration to say they are some of the world’s best, and they are lead by top scientists.”

Putin will chair a meeting of the Council for Science and Education in the Kremlin on Friday.