Rammstein’s Frontman to Present His Poetry in Moscow

PHOTO by Alex Penkov / TASS

Rammstein’s frontman Till Lindemann will arrive in Moscow to present his book of poetry “In Silent Nights,” according to TASS.

Lindemann will take part in closed theatrical readings of his poetry at the Gogol-centre on Nov. 17, and will give a presentation the following day on Nov.18. The book is labeled “18+” and contains profanity.

The Russian edition of the book will be bilingual: the original texts will appear on pages adjacent to the translations made by Lindemann’s fans.

“Lindemann’s poetry book was translated by his fans. One of them was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but Lindemann’s creativity inspired him so much that he learned the language in order to make a literal translation,” the press service reported, adding that the poems were also highly appreciated by one of the leading specialists of the German language in Russia, Waldemar Weber, who translated Goethe's works.

Till Lindemann is the lead singer and songwriter for heavy metal groups Rammstein and Lindemann. In 2002, he published his first collection of poems, “Knife,” which was translated into Russian.