Record Number of Tourists Visit Sochi in 2016

PHOTO by Nina Zotina / RIA Novosti

According to Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov, a record 6.5 million people visited the seaside city in 2016.

“During 2016, we received 6.5 million visitors,” Pakhomov said. “This, of course, is an absolute record. It wasn't like this even in the times of the Soviet Union.”

According to Pakhomov, the development of Sochi’s infrastructure is the reason for the increased tourist traffic.

“This happened because a lot of accommodation facilities were built during the preparations for the Olympics and before that,” he said. “Today, we can accommodate 200,000 visitors at the same time.”

The mayor also noted that the city offers variously priced recreation activities.

“You can find an activity for any budget in our city,” he said.