More Than 60 Percent of Russians Consider Themselves Religious

PHOTO by Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Since 2012, the number of Russians who consider themselves religiously active has grown from 55% to 61%, a survey by the Gallup International/WIN independent research agencies revealed Thursday.

Twenty-two percent confessed of being non-religious (the number fell by 3% since 2012), and seven percent called themselves atheists.

This survey revealed that Russia has shown close results in contrast to the global trend. Thus, 62% (59% in 2012) of respondents around the world identified themselves as religious, a quarter (23% in 2012) – non-religious, and nine percent (13% in 2012) claimed to be atheists.

The Gallup International/WIN global survey was conducted in November-December 2016, with more than 66,000 people in 68 countries interviewed. In Russia, the research was carried out by the "Romir" holding.