Roscosmos to Print Organic Tissue on 3D Printers in Space

PHOTO by Pixabay

Plans have been made to print living tissue and organs on board the International Space Station (ISS). This was reported by Izvestia on Dec. 27 in reference to Valentin Uvarov, the Director of the Department of Commercial Projects on Manned Space Flight and Space Exploration of the United Rocket and Space Corporation (part of the state corporation Roscosmos).

Before the start of orbital tests, the agency is expected to establish the equipment and procedures and train the crew. The date of preliminary works at URSC is unknown, as it is to be arranged by Roscosmos.

According to the Deputy Director and Associate of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ludmila Buravkova, the study is of high scientific value. Scientists hope to find out the effect gravity has on living tissues and organs, and to evaluate the prospects for the development of new “areas of biomedical support of manned missions in outer space.”