Rostelecom to Develop Microsoft Office Alternative for Moscow Government

PHOTO by Alexander Kozhokhin / RIA Novosti

Rostelecom is planning to update the Moscow City Government’s email system, according to statements made by Sergey Kalugin, CEO of Rostelecom, at a press conference. The contract is valued at $625,000.

The new system is Russia’s answer to similar software from abroad, reported Nikolay Nikiforov, the head of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, or MinComSvyaz.

“Supporting the IT industry means investing in the country. Import substitution is a necessity. Western companies, despite their interests, have to adhere to sanctions requirements,” said Nikiforov.

Buying software from Rostelecom is a “significant step,” Nikiforov noted.

Rostelecom has been assigned as the general contractor on the new project. New Cloud Technologies is the subcontractor.

The new e-mail system is called MyOffice Mail and it will replace comparable foreign products, in particular those produced by Microsoft, in all city government institutions in Moscow. 600,000 users will be affected in the long run, said Artem Ermolaev, Moscow’s head of the Department of Information Technology. The package includes an email server, contacts and calendar applications in full and mobile versions. Microsoft Office Suite and other products are next in line to be replaced, Ermolaev added.