Rusnano Launches 73 Plants in Russia's Regions Over the Past Nine Years

PHOTO by Maxim Bogodvid / Telegram

During the first nine years of its operation, Rusnano, the Russian government-owned joint-stock company aimed at commercialising developments in nanotechnology, has launched a total of 73 production facilities across 32 regions, according to a statement made by the Executive Chairman of the Board and CEO Anatoly Chubais during his meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

“To date, we have built 73 plants in 32 different regions. They are all up and running and have created 30,000 jobs. Right from the start, while drafting our first strategy back in 2008, we set a goal of taking the Russian nano-industry’s output to 300 billion roubles ($4.7 billion) by 2015. We have reached and even slightly surpassed this target with a result of 341 billion roubles ($5.35) in 2015,” Chubias was quoted as saying by the Kremlin’s press service.

Chubais also noted some of the failures that occurred along the way, saying that there were “ten projects that were not completed or did not succeed in launching profitable production.”

“We went through bankruptcy, which is a very difficult procedure in some cases,” the official added.

The Head of Rusnano noted that, in 2014, the company made its first profit of 7 billion rubles ($109 million). In 2015, the company made 17 billion rubles ($266 million).

“You recall, no doubt, that we received a very large amount of direct state assistance in the beginning, 130 billion ($2 billion). Now, our projects are paying themselves off and bringing in returns to the extent that we no longer need to raise the question of budget funding,” Chubais stated.