Russia to Produce Innovative ‘Elbrus’ Computers

PHOTO by RosElectronics

"RosElectronics" announced the production launch of "Elbrus 101-PC". Serial production is scheduled to begin in 2018

A pre-production computer sample will cost about 130,000 roubles ($2,280). Serial PC will cost almost two times less – 70,000 roubles ($1,230). The test batch of "Elbrus" computers will be handed to the state agencies, the source said.

A new computer consists of domestic components only and is assembled in Russian Federation. RosElectronics representatives believe that Russian PC in terms of its technical characteristics is as good as foreign analogues.

"Elbrus 101-PC" operates on the basis of a single-core microprocessor "Elbrus-1C +" with the architecture of 40 nanometres, integrated 3D graphics, 800 MHz and low heat dissipation. PC’s operating system is based on the Linux OS. According to the developers, the computer has the highest degree of security and it supports 4K-resolution.