Russia Delivers the First Multi-Purpose Ka-32 Helicopters to China

PHOTO by Artyom Geodakyan / TASS

The "Vertolety Rossii" (Russian Helicopters) holding has delivered the first batch of multi-purpose Ka-32A11VC helicopters to Chinese company Jiangsu Baoli, reported the company’s press service on Tuesday.

"In accordance with the contract, the first two helicopters have already been delivered to the customer, and two more will be shipped in 2017. The technology will be used by the Chinese operators to fight fires and in rescue operations," the statement said.

Furthermore, the holding is working on the creation of service centers in China to help maintain the growing fleet of Russian-made helicopters there.

Ka-32A11VC is a modified multipurpose Russian helicopter specially designed for search and rescue operations, cargo transportation, evacuation and firefighting, as well as carrying out patrols. It is equipped with two turboshaft engines and can be outfitted with additional equipment.