Russia Designs Reusable Spacecraft for Moon Flights

PHOTO by Depositphotos

A reusable spacecraft, named Ryvok, designed to carry cosmonauts and supplies to the moon, has been designed in Russia, according to the news agency RIA Novosti.

“The reusable manned spacecraft Ryvok will cost a third less than the manned transport system Federation,” said Yuri Makushenko, Space Rocket Corporation employee.

Ryvok will be based on the ISS and will run between the station and the International Lunar Platform, delivering cargo and astronauts, who previously travelled to the ISS in Soyuz spaceships. The system’s maximum weight is 11.4 tonnes and will make the flight from Earth orbit to the Moon in five days.

"A modernised booster stage “DM” will facilitate acceleration from first cosmic velocity to escape velocity. The booster stage will be carried by an Angara-A5 heavy-class rocket, after which it’s expected to dock with Ryvok in a low Earth orbit. Returning from a lunar orbit, Ryvok will deploy a 55 square-metre “umbrella” to begin atmospheric braking,” said the agency.