Russia Develops Silent Hybrid Combat Vehicle

PHOTO by Marina Lystseva / TASS

A hybrid-powered combat vehicle outfitted with an electric drivetrain has been developed by Russian engineers. The new APC has already gone through field testing and is now ready to be mass-produced and enter service, according to the head of the Military Industrial Company Alexander Krasovitsky.

The spokesman noted: “We have worked tirelessly on it. We will be signing the last piece of paperwork with the Ministry of Defense soon. I believe that current military conditions require a silent combat vehicle, so it will be in high demand. This is a unique piece of hardware; it’s already been deployed in Nizhny Novgorod.”

In 2013, it was announced that a prototype hybrid-powered electric combat vehicle with an electric drivetrain (codename "Krymsk") was a success. Outfitted with a molecular drive and based on the BTR-90 APC, the vehicle had the capacity to move silently with its engines turned off. The hybrid electrical drivetrain also provided a high level of control and automation, including auto-driving in a convoy.

While the engine is one and a half times less powerful than a standard APC, the vehicle has outperformed its base model during testing while consuming less fuel. For example, at the Kubinka site, the new combat vehicle, which weighs 22 tonnes, accelerated to 80 kilometres per hour in 33 seconds. At its top speed, it reached 97 kph. A single tank of fuel will allow it to travel 940 km at a constant speed of 40 kph.