MasterCard: Russia Has Fourth Most Female Entrepreneurs

PHOTO by GaudiLab / Depositphotos

According to the MasterCard Index of Female Entrepreneurs, 32.6% of business owners in Russia are women, placing the country fourth overall in the world, Vedomosti reported.

First place in the MasterCard survey went to Uganda (34.8%), followed by Botswana (34.6%) and New Zealand (33.3%). At the same time, Russia ranked 47th out of 56 in terms of doing business for women.

According to Anna Kozlovskaya, a MasterCard representative, a large number of women in Russia launch start-ups using their husbands’ or boyfriends’ money so that their lives are more fulfilling and they don't just sit at home bored. Another group included female entrepreneurs with a college education "of better quality than in Western Europe."