Russia Becomes World Leader in Sugar Beet Production

PHOTO by Vitaliy Timkiv / RIA Novosti

Russia became the world leader in sugar beet production in 2016, overtaking France, the US and Germany, according to Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev, who spoke at a nationwide agronomic meeting.

“In 2016, there was a record high harvest of sugar beets – over 50 million tonnes,” Tkachev said. “Russia ranked first in the world ahead of France, the United States and Germany.”

Some six million tonnes of sugar can be produced from this year’s harvest, enough to not only cover Russia’s domestic needs but to also allow for the export of more than 200,000 tonnes of sugar.

“For the first time, Russia can become a major supplier of sugar to the world market,” Tkachev said, adding that Russia exported more than 100,000 tonnes of sugar in the second half of 2016.