Russia Is One of Top Cruise Destinations in 2017

PHOTO by _Ansud_ / Depositphotos

Russia has been included in The Telegraph’s list of the eight best cruise destinations for 2017. The British newspaper recommended that visitors take tours of the lakes and rivers between Moscow and St. Petersburg.

According to the publication, travellers will be able see a lot of interesting sights on these cruises.

Another destination that appeared on the list was Alaska. During the trip, tourists will have the chance to enjoy views of enormous glaciers.

Canada, which will celebrate the 150th anniversary of its founding in 2017, also has its place in the rating. The Telegraph specifically highlighted Prince Edward Island, located in the eastern part of the country, as a must-see place for travellers. There, they will be able to visit the capital of the region, Charlottetown, and go kayaking.

The top eight destinations also include routes between the cities of New Orleans and Memphis along the Mississippi River in the United States as well as Brazil, the Indian Ocean, South Africa and Cuba.

Earlier this month, St. Petersburg was named the World’s Leading Cultural City Destination by the World Travel Awards.