Russia Is an Excellent Starting Point for a Startup – Buzzfactory Founder

PHOTO by Ruslan Shamukov / TASS

Russian market is an excellent place to launch a startup because it is more open and less competitive than the US market, says the founder of a French start-up Buzzfactory Thierry Cellerin in an interview to Les Echos.

“Russia is a great place to launch startups,” says the head of the marketing firm specialising in brand promotion on the Internet.

“Many French startups seeking international presence think first of all about the US. It is, of course, a real El Dorado, but the competition is high. The Russian market, on the contrary, is more open,” Cellerin highlights.

According to him, the advantages of the Russian market are relatively low labour costs, flexible labour law, a stable tax system and the high demand for marketing services in the capital.