Russia Prepares Roadmap for Development of Virtual Reality Technology

PHOTO by agsandrew / Depositphotos

Augmented reality, or AR, and virtual reality, or VR, are two of the most promising aspects of the National Technology Initiative, or NTI, according to Yevgeny Kuznetsov, head of the Russian Venture Company, or RVC.

“We are now sorting through the existing NTI roadmaps and at the same time actively forming a map for augmented and virtual reality,” Kuznetsov said. “AR and VR are two of the fastest growing markets. Many processes – educational, industrial, entertainment-related – are being transferred to virtual media. There is a lot of competence in the AR and VR fields in Russia.”

An inter-agency advisory council is responsible for the development of this roadmap. Ekaterina Filatova, head of the Association of Augmented and Virtual Reality, believes that the roadmap could be ready in a few months. Once completed, it will require approval from the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and it will then be considered by the RVC.

As Filatova clarified, the roadmap project involves the development of media communication platforms and the tools needed to create a virtual image and augmented reality.