Russia to Design New Light Helicopter


Moscow-based helicopter designer and manufacturer Russian Helicopters announced earlier today that it is planning to develop a new light helicopter.

“This is a new market segment for Russian Helicopters, so we have several objectives,” said Andrey Boginsky, general director of the company. “The first is to create a product that would appeal to both commercial buyers and private individuals. The second is to expand to new markets, including Europe and the United States, by certifying the helicopter in these countries.”

The aircraft is currently in the technical project stage and the company plans to file for certification this year.

The helicopter utilises a coaxial rotor design and its maximum gross takeoff weight will be capped at 1,600 kilograms with a distance range of 760 kilometres. Its payload will be 730 kilograms, or five people. The cruising speed will be 230 kilometres per hour and its top altitude will exceed six kilometres.