Russia to Send Macaques to Mars

PHOTO by Marcyano / Depositphotos

The Research Institute of Medical Primatology, or NIIMP, has begun preparing monkeys for a flight to Mars, Interfax reported, quoting institute director Sergei Orlov.

Orlov said that the monkeys are going to be trained in simulated weightlessness and cosmic radiation at the Centre for Nuclear Physics in Dubna. He said that monkeys were once trained for flights in Russia in the 1980s but Russian scientists said a few years ago that they weren't going to let large animals go into space any more.

In early 2013, Iran sent a monkey to space as a part of preparations for their first human space flight, which is scheduled for 2021.

With the help of the monkey, Iranian scientists intended to study how the body is affected by weightlessness. Iran’s second monkey space flight was conducted in December 2013 using carrier rockets with liquid fuel.