Russian Scientists to Fight Cancer with ‘Space Crystals’

PHOTO by Wikicommons

Russian scientists from Federal Medical-Biological Agency (FMBA) have successfully performed space tests on mice by curing their end-stage cancer with innovative drug.

The scientists are now looking for the way to use this medicine on earth without losing it's curing effect.

The drug's main active substance is a heat shock protein (HSP), known as stress protein. This substance is produced naturally when the body reacts to stress or trauma and promotes recovery.

Earlier, scientists have noticed that HSP is able to distinguish cancer cells and urge the immune system to fight a tumor.

In 2015, Russian experts managed to raise, clone and send the first HSP to outer space. Notably, it turned out that the protein was able to morph into a perfect crystal only in the conditions of zero gravity. The scientists will now spend about 2,9 million roubles ($49,380) in an effort to achieve similar results on Earth. By the end of November, they plan to synthesize HSP by turning it to crystals and study their structure.