International Lace Festival to Be Held in Russia’s Vologda

PHOTO by Valery Morev / TASS

Third international lace festival “Vita Lace” will take place in Russian town of Vologda from June 22 to 25, according to the Tourist Information Centre of Vologda region.

This year is the "Year of Ecology" in Russia and the festival will be dedicated to environment preservation.

Residents and guests of Vologda will be able to observe an exhibition-competition “Lace of Life”, an “Alley of lace-makers”, multiple master classes on weaving lace and a theatrical programme.

In addition, guests will be offered thematic tours where everyone may get acquainted with a history of the main brand in Vologda region. In particular, tourists will be able to visit the largest lace museum in Russia which shows the origins and the formation of this craft in Russia and abroad.

The main attraction of the festival will be creation of a large-scale lace panel Vita Lace (“Live lace”), consisting of pre-woven large and small lace pieces with images of flowers and plants.

It was earlier reported that an Orchid Museum will open in Vologda this spring, showcasing a collection of more than 1,000 plants.