Russian Federal Archives and Vatican Preparing Romanov Exhibition

PHOTO by Public Domain

Russia's Federal Archives in collaboration with the Vatican Secret Archives are planning a joint exhibition devoted to the Romanovs, RIA Novosti reported, quoting Andrei Artizov, head of Russia's Federal Archives Agency.

“A large exhibition will open with the assistance of the Vatican Secret Archives and library at the end of this year,” Artizov said. “It will be a discovery; visitors will see documents related to the relationship between the Romanovs and the Holy See.”

In addition, the Federal Archives Agency is planning joint projects with Vietnam, Mongolia, Israel and Iran. The archival services of these countries are preparing to present independent sets of documents.

Russia's Federal Archives Agency has been working since 1918 and keeps records of documents in the Archive Fund of the Russian Federation. The fund manages more than 500 million units of storage.