Russian Artist Decorates Quilted Jacket with 'Celebrity Skulls and Bones'

PHOTO by Husky Wear / Facebook

The Husky Wear clothing brand has released a limited edition series of Husky Art quilted jackets in collaboration with Russian artists, who created designs for the print linings, a representative of the brand informed on Tuesday.

Valery Chtak produced two monochrome caption designs (“Celebrity Skulls and Bones” and “Against All”), Maria Evtodieva created the print “Cheer Up!”, and Cyril Who produced the colorful pattern “It Looks Better in Real Life”. The calico jackets have been released in black and white versions, each with a limited edition of ten copies.

The garments will be available for sale at the official website and the Husky Wear brand showroom, as well as at the Shaltai Boltai gift shop at a price of $230.

Maria Evtodieva is a graphic artist and student of the Faculty of Design at the Higher School of Economics, who gained recognition thanks to a collaboration project she participated in with designer Andrey Logvinov entitled "I'd hug you, but I’m just a text".

Graffiti artist Cyril Who was a member of the art groups “Why?” (2002-2009) and No Future Forever (2005-2009). He has also organised a number of projects promoting street art, which include GoVEGAs (2003), “Gopstop” (2004), Original Fake (2005) and “Winery” (2006).

Artist Valery Chtak has been a participant at Avdey Ter-Oganyan’s School of Contemporary Art since 1998 and was a member of the Radek Community between 2000 and 2005.