Russia to Build Assault Ship for Arctic

PHOTO by M. Kurnosov / RIA Novosti

A version of a prospective amphibious assault ship for the Arctic is being designed in Russia, the head of the Nevsky Design Bureau Sergei Vlasov said at the VIII International Naval Show in St. Petersburg, the TASS news agency reported Thursday.

“This is our initiative work for the future. We can not stand still, and we have a new offer for our navy. <...> We’re developing a ship that would be capable of ‘walking’ in the Arctic and of landing troops directly on ice floes,” he said.

According to Vlasov, the creation of the new-generation ship for the Navy is currently at the stage of pre-project development.

On November 18, 2016, the Nevsky Design Bureau announced the development of an amphibious helicopter carrier for the Arctic with a displacement of about 15,000 tons. The project is being developed on the basis of a design module with a displacement of 10 to 30 thousand tons.

It was earlier reported that Russia is developing a new amphibious assault ship that is expected to outperform French 'Mistral'.