Russian Chocolate Enters the Mexican Market

PHOTO by Anar Movsumov / RIA Novosti

Two Mexican companies began to import Russian chocolate. The first container came in February and now you can buy it in Mexican stores, RIA Novosti news service reported.

"We've already started deliveries, but we are only at the beginning so far. We are now going to major Mexican retail chains, we are also working with chocolate boutiques, delicatessen shops in the capital and beginning to spread to the territory of the state of Mexico," said Juan Leon, the head of Edelweiss company, Russian chocolate importer.

Chocolate appeared on the territory of present-day Mexico during the time of Maya and Aztec civilizations. Later, thanks to the conquistadors, it spread to Europe, and now returns to its historical homeland, but already as a Russian product.

According to the Russian Export Center, in January-November 2016, Russian confectioners exported 141,000 tons of chocolate worth 427 million US dollars. In just 11 months, 370,000 tons of confectioneries worth 813 million US dollars were exported. Compared with the corresponding period of the last year, it grew by seven percent. Russian chocolate is especially popular in Kazakhstan and China.