Russian Communications Ministry Switches to Domestic Software

PHOTO by pressmaster / Depositphotos

The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation has decided to start using the “MyOffice” programme suite, according to the Twitter page of Nikolai Nikiforov, head of the ministry.

"We continue to work on import substitution, so #Минкомсвязь [the Communications Ministry] is switching to ‘My Office,’” Nikiforov wrote.

According to New Cloud technologies, the Russian developer of the “MyOffice” suite, the agency has purchased 326 licenses worth more than $31,000.

“MyOffice Professional” is designed for corporate environments and for working with documents in state organisations and large corporations. It includes a text editor and an email system, as well as a server for team projects, an email server and data storage. The software runs on both desktop computers and mobile devices, and can be used in web browsers.