Russian Designer to Create Merchandise for Daft Punk

PHOTO by innovari / Depositphotos

French electronic duo Daft Punk posted on Instagram a list of designers who will make merchandise for the band, and the list is headed by Russian designer Gosha Rubchinsky.

The list also includes the Italian designer Gio Forbice’s Darkdron, a brand with a similar style and level of recognition to Rubchinsky’s. In 2015, Darkdron hosted a show in Stalin’s Moscow bunker.

Daftpunk russian designer2

The Daft Punk merchandise will be on sale starting as early as next week in a special shop temporarily established for the band in Los Angeles. It is still unknown whether it will be possible to buy the new items on the band’s official website.

In mid-January, Renata Litvinova said that she was working on a play called “The North Wind,” for which Rubchinsky is designing the costumes.