Russian Designers Present Marble-Plated iPhone 7

PHOTO by Caviar Press Service

The Russian-Italian luxury goods company Caviar has released a conceptual image for the iPhone 7, Caviar Press Service informed today.

The front and rear panels of the new gadget will be made of marble, according to a design inspired by the interior of the 18th Century Marble Palace in St. Petersburg. The phone will also be engraved with the Russian coat of arms. The top and bottom parts of the back panel will be plated with 18-carat gold and decorated with other engravings, including the inscription of the word “Russia” in Russian medieval handwriting.

“The new design combines Italian sophistication with Russian imperial opulence,” a Caviar representative stated. The model will be made available for purchase at $2,900.

 atlante russia iv photo2

Founded by the Italian jeweller Elia Giacometti, Caviar presented its first decorated smartphone in 2001. In 2015, the company’s management of affairs moved to Russia.

The smartphone is expected to come in three colours: Gold, Rose Gold and Space Black.