Russian Designers Recreate Iconic Sneakers


Russian designers have brought back to life the hip Soviet-era Dva Myacha canvas shoes, reported.

“Most of the patterns and press forms were lost. We recreated many aspects using the actual original sneakers, which we inherited from our ancestors. Step-by-step restoration facilitated a hand-on-approach to production,” Evgeniy Rakov, one of the founders of the resurrected brand said.

The sneakers were recreated to the last detail, including the green sole, hand-rubbered seam and sewn-on logos and will be on sale from July 6.

A total of five models will be available, ranging from 3,900 to 4,600 roubles ($60 to $70). The designers plan to expand the collection by 14 copies of the shoes issued from 1965 to 1976.