Russian Diplomats Find Ten Missing Roerich Paintings in Croatia

PHOTO by Valentin Cheredintsev / TASS

Employees of the Russian Embassy in Croatia discovered ten missing paintings by famous Russian artist Nicholas Roerich in a museum in Zagreb, according to Anvar Azimov, Russia’s ambassador to the Balkan nation.

“We found ten unique paintings by Nicholas Roerich in the museum’s vaults,” Azimov told TASS. “They were brought here in the late 1930s with Roerich’s consent for an exhibition of his paintings. They remained here for some time and then the war began, and these paintings were forgotten.”

Russian diplomats ten missing roerich paintings1
“Portrait of Nicholas Roerich” by Svetoslav Roerich

Among the paintings are "Parinirvana," "Pagan Russia," and "Teacher’s order."

“We are working on returning the paintings to Russia,” the ambassador added.

Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947) was a Russian artist and philosopher who was also a fellow in the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb.