Matrёshka: Skolkovo Presents Russia’s First Driverless Electric Bus

PHOTO by Mikhail Tereschenko / Moskva News Agency

Russia’s first driverless electric bus “Matrëshka,” which can carry up to eight passengers, was presented at the Moscow Skolkovo Innovation Centre. The premiere took place at the annual International Forum of Innovative Development “Open Innovation.”

The bus is equipped with computerised control and self-learning software. Special sensors and cameras on board can track traffic situations in real time. The bus can run 130 km on a fully charged battery while its maximum speed is limited to 30 km/h.

VIDEO by Great and Small / YouTube

Earlier, it was reported that the bus was to be tested in a restricted area of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in October of this year. Mass production of the bus is to start in 2017 at the newly constructed Volgabus factory in the Vladimir region.

It was also reported that Volgabus had created the first Russian driverless bus.