Russian Drivers Summited One of World’s Highest Roads in Soviet Volgas

PHOTO by level99 / Depositphotos

Members of the Sunrise expedition left Moscow driving two GAZ-24 Volga cars and summited one of the world’s highest roads, according to the press release of the project organisers received by on Thursday, Dec. 1.

The Russian drivers went along China National Highway 219 (G219) which links Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China and Tibet. They summated the highest point of the route and the expedition as a whole at 5380 metres.

According to the drivers, in the highlands, they had a hard time because of the thin air, dust storms and bad road cover.

They gave a concert in Tibetan Lhasa. Currently, the group of six young people are in Thailand, where they are also planning to organize a series of music shows.

The Sunrise expedition took off in early October. The travellers plan to visit nine countries and finish on the Indonesian island of Bali. So far, before China and Thailand, they visited Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.