Russian Exports to Switzerland Increase Fivefold

PHOTO by happyalex / Depositphotos

Shipments of Russian goods to Switzerland in November increased by a factor of 4.5 in comparison with November 2015, reaching 64 million Swiss francs ($62.2 million). However, exports from Switzerland to Russia decreased by 7.4% to 177 million francs ($172 million), according to data from the AFD Federal Customs Service of Switzerland.

Russia’s trade surplus amounted to 113 million francs ($109.8 million).

In October, exports fell by 22.4% to $154.6 million while imports fell by 38.3% to $22.8 million.

In November, Swiss exports fell by 2.1% to 18.8 billion francs ($18.3 billion) and imports decreased by 0.4% to 15.1 billion francs ($14.7 billion). The decline of exports was mainly due to a decline in Swiss watch sales.