Putin: Russian Museum Attendance Reaches 120 Million People a Year

PHOTO by Preto_perola / Depositphotos

The number of visitors to Russian museums has reached 120 million people a year, said Russian President Vladimir Putin during a joint meeting of the Councils for Culture and the Russian Language in St. Petersburg.

“It is sufficient to say that the number of museum visitors has reached 120 million people a year ... There is a growing popularity of theatres, which annually collect about 39 million goers ...” he said.

The President noted that it is difficult to find another country in the world with a comparable population and with such indicators.

The number of museum visitors in Russia has grown by 33% over the past four years, said Russia’s Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky on Aug.11, 2016. The Minister pointed out that such attendance did not occur in the Soviet Union, “despite the fact that the country and the population were twice as large”. “Now, in Russia, a lot more people go to museums than in the Soviet times, if you take the total Soviet statistics,” said the Minister.