Russian Registry Offices Now Offering Couples Therapy

PHOTO by Syda_Productions / Depositphotos

In a number of Russian regions, registry offices have opened rooms for couples therapy in which married couples are offered the opportunity to reconsider their decision to get a divorce, the RT new agency reported.

Mediators who help couples understand the roots of their family conflict are on hand in these rooms.

Currently, such rooms are only available in Tatarstan and in the Belgorod region. It has been noted that after talking to mediators, many couples decide to continue living together.

According to Ekaterina Lakhova, a member of the Federation Council Committee and head of the Women’s Union of Russia, such rooms will appear in registry offices in the Novgorod region in March, after which will be an analysis of the results in the three regions. If the initiative is successful, it will be proposed at the federal level.