Russian Scientists Catalogue Hundreds of Thousands of Galaxies

PHOTO by richter1910 / Depositphotos

Moscow State University astronomers, in collaboration with their French counterparts, have assembled a catalogue containing information about 800,000 galaxies. The catalogue is already available online for free and its description has been published in the Astrophysical Journal Supplement.

During their work on the catalogue, the scientists wrote several articles, including one for the prestigious interdisciplinary magazine “Science.” The research team consisted of six people, two of which are students in Moscow State University’s department of physics.

The catalogue details 800,000 galaxies, the stars in each of them, their brightness in wavelengths and the range of light they emit, from ultraviolet to infrared. Using only one catalogue, you can see the records of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as well as the results of spectral lines measurements, which help to determine the chemical composition of stars and gas in galaxies.

There has never been a catalogue of this kind before for such a large number of celestial objects. "Using existing reports, we made a small profile for each galaxy that shows how it looks at different wavelengths, and this gives us material for further research," said Igor Chilingaryan, a leading researcher at Moscow State University’s Sternberg Astronomical Institute.