Russian Scientists in Far East Make Gold from Coal

PHOTO by "Zolotoy Standart" Agency / TASS

According to a post that has been published by the regional branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences on its website, scientists in the Far East have discovered a way to extract gold from coal.

Scientists in the Amur region are said to have developed an experimental setup that is capable of extracting one gram of gold from one tonne of burned coal. For 15 years, researchers have studied coal compositions from various deposits and have found that fuel filters catch both useful and harmful components. For example, every tonne of coal from Erkovetsky basin contains about one gram of gold.

“The setup’s operation principle is simple. The smoke from the burned coal passes through the hundredfold purification system. First, residues (including harmful) are washed away with water and then captured by filters. It is from them that the gold-bearing concentrate is recovered. The concentrate can be refined afterwards. The method has been patented,” says the post on the website.

The scientists are now planning to receive a Skolkovo grant in the amount of 1.5 million roubles (around $24,000) for the development of the first pilot plant for the extraction of gold from coal. In 2017, it will be installed in one of the boiler stations of the region.