Russian Spaceship to Take Tourists into Space

PHOTO by  Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

A ticket for a trip on the first Russian reusable suborbital vehicle for tourists will cost approximately $200,000-250,000, RIA Novosti reported yesterday.

According to Pavel Pushkin, CEO of CosmoCourse, the price may change. The spaceship will first be tested in 2018, after which tickets will go on sale.

Pushkin noted that the total cost of the project is estimated to reach $150 million. The funding is coming from a private Russian investor. The CEO did not rule out that actors, politicians and other famous people would be invited to board the first flight. The spaceship will take tourists to an altitude of 180 to 220 kilometres. The first flight is scheduled for 2020.

The trip is scheduled to last 15 minutes, which will include five to six minutes of zero gravity. The passengers will only be allowed to board the ship after three days of training and a medical examination.

In June 2016, Igor Komarov, CEO of Roscosmos, said that an orbital flight for one tourist could cost $30-40 million.