Russian Team Unveils Holographic Car Navigation System


WayRay, a company created by Russian developers, has unveiled a unique holographic technology, which utilises augmented reality to create an easy-to-follow navigation system. A representative of the company spoke to Gazeta.Ru about the new system, which WayRay has called Navion.

“The technology our company has created uses a laser projector coupled with a transparent windscreen film. This allows us to create full-colour holographic objects which appear in front of the vehicle. The first product based on this technology will be an augmented reality car navigation system called Navion,” the spokesman said. The hologram simulates the chosen route and displays it on the windscreen.

The first sales will launch in the United States in late 2016. The company’s HQ is located in Switzerland, while it's development centre is in Russia. According to WayRay head Vitely Ponomarev, the project required $10 million in investments, both internal and from venture capital.