Russia’s Gorokhovets Town Added to UNESCO List

PHOTO by Yuri Kaver / RIA Novosti

The town of Gorokhovets in Russia’s Vladimir region was included in the preliminary list of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, according to the organisation’s official website.

Gorokhovets was adopted by two criteria: first, it reflects the impact that the alteration of human values has on a certain cultural area of the world and on the development of architecture or technology. Second, Gorokhovets was recognised as an outstanding example of architectural ensemble which illustrates an important stage in the history of mankind.

In total, 16 cultural heritage sites and ten natural sites located in Russia are now included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and 23 other objects are currently on the preliminary list, awaiting further approval.

Gorokhovets became the first object of the Russian Federation to enter the last in the last five years, and the first single-industry town whose historical value was confirmed by UNESCO.