Russian Varyag Cruiser Sails to Singapore for Naval Exhibition

PHOTO by Vitaly Ankov / RIA Novosti

The flagship of the Pacific Fleet, missile cruiser Varyag (Varangian), will take part in the International Maritime Security Exhibition IMDEX Asia 2017, which will be held from May 16 to 18 in Singapore, the Russian Defence Ministry announced.

In Singapore, Varyag will be visited by the international delegations which are participating in the exhibition. The cruiser’s staff will meet with command representatives of the Singaporean Navy and visit other ships taking part in the exhibition.

Since April 1, missile cruiser Varyag and the tanker Pechenga have made a number of long-range marches to the ports of Busan (South Korea), Manila (Philippines), Cam Ranh (Vietnam) and Sattahip (Thailand). One of the campaign goals is to strengthen military cooperation with countries in Asia-Pacific region.