Russian Vodka Brands Become the World’s Fastest-Growing

PHOTO by Mikhail Dzhaparidze / TASS

By the end of 2016, six brands of the largest Russian vodka producers entered the list of top 10 fastest-growing in the world, according to the Drinks International magazine.

The list includes 32 vodka brands, which sell more than 1 million 9-litre cases anually. The biggest increase in sales was shown by “Tsarskaya” vodka from the “Ladoga Distribution” company – its sales grew by 51% or to 1 million boxes. Sales of the “Gosudarev Zakaz” and “Myagkov” brands from the “Synergy” company both increased by one third.

Famous “Smirnoff” sells 25 million 9-litre boxes a year. “Absolut” and “Khortytsa” sell 11 and 7.5 million making these brands the top three world's largest exporters.

In 2016, Russian vodka brands have increased its sales threefold. It was connected with rapid development of cheap vodka distributor “Status Group” , which became the largest seller in Russia with 13.1% of the market in just one year.

“Tatspirtprom” having sold 12.4 million cases of alcohol products in 2016 is not represented in the rating of Drinks International. The market leader in Russia could not provide data for participation in the rankings.