Russian Online Game War Thunder Released

PHOTO by War Thunder / Facebook

Gaijin Entertainment has announced the long-awaited release of War Thunder, an online military game created by Russian developers dedicated to the combat air force, armored vehicles and navy from the World War II and postwar eras.

The popular game came out of beta testing with the latest 1.65 Way of the Samurai update, the company's developers told

“We achieved all aims that were set at the beginning of open beta testing in 2012. Now we can focus on improving existing game modes and creating new ones for virtual pilots, tank commanders and ships captains,” said Gaijin Entertainment's Creative Director Kirill Yudintsev.

During the four years of open beta testing, the game has undergone a number of significant changes. Aircraft was available from the beginning, and land vehicles were added in 2014. This year, developers introduced battles involving warships for the first time. According to them, while developing the game, they paid special attention to the opinions and suggestions of active players, of which there are more than 15 million around the world.

For example, an aircraft created independently by an ordinary player appeared in “War Thunder” this year. Virtual pilots can acquire this rare model, and part of the proceeds go to the creator. The player has already earned several thousand dollars within the first couple of weeks.

The game is free and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux and PS4 on its official website.