Poll: Over 80% of Russians are Happy

PHOTO by pressmaster / Depositphotos

According to an opinion poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM), the overwhelming majority of Russians (81%) feel happy. It is noted that, during the past two years, the happiness level of Russians has not dropped below 80%.

The percentage of happy Russians is high across all major socio-demographic groups, with young people (88% of those aged 18-24) and people with high, according to their estimates, income (95%) being more optimistic in comparison to elderly people (76% of those aged 60 and older) and people dissatisfied with their financial situation (55%).

According to sociologists, traditional values are the main guarantee of a happy life for the respondents. Russians derive happiness, above all, from their family (20%), children (20%), a good job (14%) and, last but not the least, good health (13%). Respondents feel unhappy due to financial difficulties, low and delayed wages and unemployment.

According to the analysis of social media mentions in Russian regions in the context of “happiness”, Moscow is the leader (with 20.2% of mentions). It is followed by Saint-Petersburg with 18.4% of mentions, as well as Crimea – 4.3%, Tatarstan – 3.1% and the Novosibirsk region – 2.9%.

Earlier, Speaker of the Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko suggested that it would be a good idea to create the Ministry of Happiness in Russia.