Russians Back Soviet Union Economic Model, Poll Shows

PHOTO by Oleg Ivanov / TASS

The majority of Russians prefer the state-planned economic model offered by the Soviet Union, according to a poll conducted by the independent polling organization Levada Centre, the news website reported Thursday.

Of those surveyed, 52% said they would prefer the Communist, state-led model compared to only 26% who voted for market economy. The remaining 22% were undecided.

In the same poll two years ago 54% said they supported the state economy against 29% who voted for market economy, with 17% uncertain.

Regarding political structure, 37% of those polled lean towards the Soviet system, 23% are satisfied with the current one, 13% believe in Western democracy, another 8% voted ‘other’, whereas the remaining 19% couldn’t decide.

Two years ago the Soviet system was backed by 39% of those poll participants, 19% spoke on behalf of the current regime, while 21% preferred a Western-style democracy.

The poll was conducted amongst 1,600 people from 48 Russian regions.