Chicken and Potatoes – Russians’ Favourite Products

PHOTO by PXhere

A Russian search engine Yandex studied Russians’ recipe requests and revealed that most frequently Russians look for dishes with chicken and potatoes.

“Obviously, search queries about food can tell a lot: what kinds of food are most often eaten by Russians, or at least which products they prefer, how the ration varies during the year, how widespread mayonnaise is and how often they make salad – all this can be seen in the statistics of search requests,” a representative of the company said, Secretmag reported.

The most popular dish in Russia was Caesar salad with chicken. The top 20 most popular products also included porridge, kefir, zucchini, meat and cottage cheese.

Recipes of homemade bakery are also popular: for example, the inhabitants of the Ural region most often look for how to make a mannik (a pie based on milk leaven, which uses semolina instead of flour – Ed.), an Arkhangelsk patterned gingerbread and kalitki (small pies).

Also, researchers noted that Russians love mayonnaise much more than ketchup. No surprise here, given their affection to Olivier salad.