Russia’s Cheapest Apartments for Rent Revealed

PHOTO by rashch / Depositphotos

Among the Russian cities with a population of over one million people, the cheapest housing can be found in Yekaterinburg and Samara – one can get a separate apartment for a mere 5,000 roubles ($87,6) a month.

In Moscow, the rental minimum is more than three times higher – 17,500 roubles ($300) a month, according to the materials of the “World of Apartments” web portal.

In Omsk, a one-bedroom apartment will cost a bit more, around 5,500 roubles ($96,4) a month (plus utility fees). For the same amount one can rent an apartment in a five-storey building, or Khruschyovka, in the city of Ufa.

Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don and Chelyabinsk continue the list of cities with the cheapest rental prices, offering apartments for 6,000 roubles ($105,16) a month.

A flat in Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Perm, Kazan or Volgograd will cost 7,000 roubles ($122,7) minimum, the analysts reported.

Monthly pay for the cheapest apartment in St. Petersburg, despite the city’s popularity among tourists, is significantly lower than in Moscow, standing at about 10,000 roubles ($175,2).